Apps We Love – Podcast

Apps we like - Podcast

The Summer holidays will soon be upon us and staff, pupils and parents alike will spend at least some part of their break travelling; during these travels there is every chance that you will get caught in traffic, spend time on a train, travel on a coach, be sat in a departure lounge at an airport or ferry terminal and find yourself with lots of time on your hands.

So, what will you do with that time?

More and more people will take their digital devices with them on these breaks (tablet, phone, laptop etc.) and will use them to play online games, read an e-book, listen to music or just simply browse the internet.

However, there is a form of digital broadcast media that has been with us since the early 2000's but really came to the fore in 2005 when Apple released iTunes 4.9. iTunes 4.9 included native support for what are technically know as 'netcasts' and as one of the easiest ways of receiving these 'netcasts' was by using an iPod, they very quickly became known as 'podcasts'.

Now, I have been listening to podcasts since I purchased my first iPod in 2006 and they provide me with an invaluable source of entertainment and information and have allowed me to engage with subjects, artists and topics that would otherwise pass me by.

As you will see from my Schudio profile, my daily aim is to learn something new and podcasts certainly help me to achieve this. I spend twenty minutes each morning and evening in my car, commuting to work. I also cover sales for the whole of the UK and can spend a lot a lot of time on the road travelling between client sites.

That time could be spent listening to the radio (which I often do), but I can also use my phone or tablet, connected to my car's audio system using an auxiliary (Aux) cable to listen to one of the many podcasts I subscribe to; I think this is time well spent and it allows me to explore the things I like in much more detail than a sixty second news item allows.

Some of these podcasts, such as BBC Radio 4's 'Tweet of the Day', are only two minutes in length whilst others, such as 'Comedy Hour' are, as the name suggests, an hour long. Not only do podcasts vary in duration, they are also published at varying frequencies, from daily through to monthly; there should always be something in your podcast feed worth listening to.

So, however long you have got to spare, there is a podcast for you and there are many apps that will allow you to download and play them on your digital devices. I have an iPhone, iPad and a MacBook Pro and Apple's own Podcast App serves me very well indeed and is very easy to use.  However, not all podcast players are created equally and Android in particular is blessed with a strong selection of podcast apps to choose from;  some are much more worthy of your time (and money in some cases) than others and a here are a couple of suggestions;

Podkicker Podcast Player - It's free, supports audio and video and has lots of nice, easy to use features.

Podcast Addict - Again it's free and lets you manage your audio, video, YouTube channels and RSS Feeds.

Pocket Casts - If you are feeling a little bit flush then this could be £2.49 well spent - A very slick App with lots of features and includes a one-tap Chromecast feature.

So, you have downloaded a suitable App, you have your headphones at the ready, you are stuck in an interminable traffic jam and need to find some podcasts to listen to and to subscribe to their feeds....you will be delighted to know that I am going to start you off with my very own TOP 10 Podcasts; podcasts that inform, amuse, enrage and enlighten me in equal measure whilst on my travels around this green, pleasant and congested land. Enjoy.....

Big Joe's Top 10 Podcasts..

10 - All in the Mind - Claudia Hammond (The Hamster's sister) discusses all things Neuroscience & Psychology

9 - 5 Live Sport Specials - Regular sporting podcasts form a variety of presenters & sportspeople across the full spectrum of sport.

8 - The Geology Flannelcast - Who doesn't want to be a 'Rock Star'! Igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic; nothing is off limits to these guys :-)

7 - The News Quiz - Regular host Sandi Toksvig and a panel of four guests take an irreverent look at the news and those making it over the last seven days - You WILL laugh out loud!

6 - Moral Maze - Provocative debate chaired by Michael Buerk and covering the moral issues of the day; guests form all sides are included and the debates can get quite lively.

5 - Tweet of the Day - Not what you may think! Begins with the call or song of a bird and is followed by a story of fascinating ornithology inspired by the sound.

4 - The Telegraph Cycling Podcast - A regular look at recreational and competitive cycling & all manner of issues that affect it - Very good during the Grand Tours and particularly the Tour de France.

3 - Page 94 - The Private Eye - Cast your eye (see what I did there) over this gem - A 30 minute per fortnight look at the magazine and occasional interviews with Ian Hislop himself.

2 - More Or Less - Behind the Stats - This is great look at Statistical claims made in the media and either upholds or debunks them (Generally the latter).

1 - The Infinite Monkey Cage - A mixture of Physics and Comedy (Trust me, it works) with Prof Brian Cox & Robin Ince - Podcasts don't get any better (in my opinion ;-0 )

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there to choose from covering everything from Conspiracy theories to Constipation - there really is something for everyone and more importantly, someone who is more than happy to talk about it!

If you find one that you like then please feel free to share it with us via @Schudio and we will try and have a listen.

Have a great Summer and we look forward to hearing from you.






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