Why did we make the Schudio App free?

Schudio app for schools

The Schudio School App - Pretty Awesome and free forever.

First of all, just so you know, the Schudio App is good - free doesn't always mean 'a bit naff'. We built the Schudio App alongside a number of schools that we already work with and it includes some pretty cool features. Whenever you add News, Events or Announcements the information will appear on the App automatically. The Schudio App contains your schools contact information, links to your Twitter, Facebook & YouTube accounts (if you use them) and even includes a blog feed and a calendar. You can manage all of this from any device and the information is really quick and easy to update. You can also upload your own logo and a background image so that the App becomes your own.

But why free?

Why not charge up to £2000 like other companies do? One reason is that we like doing things like this; we like to take something that is cool and give it away. But there is another reason. The Schudio App is the only school app which feeds the information to the app directly from your school website (if you are using the Schudio Website System).

Here's the logic. If you have a school website run by the local authority or another web company, you will most likely have to add, for example, news to your  website and then to your school app as well. You are doing the work twice. We think you shouldn't have to pay for that. So, if you aren't using our website CMS you can have the app for nothing.

Our hope is that someday soon you will decide to upgrade your Schudio App account (which will be free forever) to the Schudio Website System and then you will be able to add that piece of news to your website, knowing it will go on the app automatically as well, immediately.

If you're a bit tired of paying for something that you don't need to then sign up for the free Schudio App straight away. If you don't want to do the same job twice (because as a teacher you are maybe a little busy!?) then have a look at the Schudio Website System and kill two birds with one stone.

Chat it through - email me directly and I'd love to explain in more detail.


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