Why did we build The Learning Wall?

Learning Wall

One of the main reasons schools like working with us is the relationship we build with the specific intention of providing inspiration, ideas and solutions to problems. We have regular meetings with a number of schools we work with to hear from them. to discuss what problems they're having, what ideas they have and how we can best solve those issues.

Go back to the beginning of the year and following one of those meetings with Lytham High we started work on what has become The Learning Wall. The problem the team at LSA faced was a way to encourage and nurture a collaborative working environment where more and more staff shared ideas, resources and opened their classrooms to one another. The aim was to improve the ICT provision in schools, to dramatically impact the way teaching staff used online apps and tools in their classrooms and provide the support needed to back this up.

We discussed this issue with them and took a basic idea of linking to online tools and resources. We researched what was available already and decided to build a gateway to the most inspirational tools and products available online and to back that up with research and knowledge to provide schools all over the country (and beyond very soon) with a very quick way to bring great tech directly into their classrooms.

We then decided to give that knowledge away for free. Of course, there's the Pro version of The Learning Wall that gives schools the ability to provide links to the tools their schools use most and personalise the Learning Wall experience to their school but the essential idea is to inspire as many teachers as possible with access to the latest online apps and tools.

We have meetings with schools and few have heard of Edmodo, Padlet or Class Dojo but these are tools that with easy access and just a little knowledge have a huge impact on teaching, behaviour and academic achievement.

Backed up by our fantastic school website management system, schools are now creating rich, engaging content and students in primary and secondary schools are uploading this content to their class pages and thrilling their parents with the innovative work they're doing in class.

We're planing some very cool updates to The Learning Wall over the coming months so do watch out, but for now, get signed up for free and see what impact you can quickly have in your classrooms.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for The Learning Wall or indeed any of our other products - we're always keen to listen to what you need. You can email me directly at ian@schudio.com.

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