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Here at Schudio, feedback from our clients is what drives the development roadmap of our unique, easy to use school website software. We love to hear ideas from users of our sites to find out what will make your life easier. For years, Schudio software users have been able to advertise and take bookings for courses online. Following feedback from a number of our clients, the Schudio course booking system has undergone a major overhaul. These changes will help you manage your course bookings more effectively within your school website software.

Why Courses?

Our course booking feature is one that can be used by all our clients.

  • Nursery & Primary Schools - for managing bookings onto taster days and extra curricular activities
  • Secondary Schools and Sixth Forms - for managing curriculum options and school trip bookings.
  • Teaching Schools and Trusts - for taking bookings onto CPD courses

There is something for everyone! A comprehensive course booking system will not only save you time at school but also offer a slick experience for your delegates. If the course booking page is the first interaction a person has with your school, it is important to make sure the process is professional and straightforward. All of this can be achieved with your Schudio school website software.

Here’s what is now available within your Schudio Course Booking system:

Show Marketing Consent Opt in

Would you like to keep people up to date with your next courses? Following the introduction of the GDPR regulations last year it is really important to gather consent if you intend on sending marketing information to your course attendees. By activating this field you can obtain their consent and be able to lawfully market to these individuals. If you are marketing to people it is important to consider how to manage and maintain these lines of communication. Why not speak to a member of the team about our email services? Consider how you can transform your school marketing within your school website software.

Course Options

It's great to hear about all the dynamic and interactive courses that happen at school. But how do you manage booking onto different workshops or course options that you are running on a single day? A "sign up on the day" system can cause problems for both those who wish to attend and those running a session. For example, what if more people than you expect sign up for a particular session?

Now you can gather all of this information in advance within your school website software. You can consider all the logistics in advance and give your delegates a well organised and well thought through experience. The more you can prepare in advance the less you do on the day.

Notification Email Address(es)

We have added in a new field that will allow you to manage your course bookings more effectively. You can add multiple email addresses to be notified once a course booking has been made. This is great if you are working on coordinating a course as a team. Each person involved will receive an email so they can ensure their area of responsibility is taken care of. No more forward emails around to make sure everyone has seen it.

Confirmation Text

You can now add a bespoke message to the confirmation page of each course. This is the page the delegate will see immediately after making their booking. As an example, GCSE option selections could show the curriculum leaders details on the confirmation page. Or a CPD course for teachers could present the details of the person delivering the training or managing bookings.

We are really excited about the new course booking system! If you have any thoughts about the next feature you would like to see us develop then get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Alternatively, if you would like to find out all about our school website software why not come along to our monthly Essential School Website training? We will walk you through all the key parts of the system so you know what tools are available to improve your online presence.

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