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Student Profiles

A student profile provides an insight into a the time that student spent studying the course or curriculum. There's a reason why review sites are so popular, and why people search for reviews before they buy. They want to know the 'real' story, the experience of a 'real' person, not sugar-coated and transformed by marketing speak.

At Schudio on our own website we have customer reviews, very similar to a student profile. They can include details of what they enjoyed about the process and details they feel others would find useful. An example of a real testimonial/profile is included below.

Testimonial - Rebecca M

What's the aim of the Curriculum or Course Page?

The end goal for each curriculum or course page should be to convince a prospective student to select the course offered. To do this the page will need to provide various bits of information. The official details including what will be studied, any prior requirements to taking the course, and where the course may lead in a future career are all really important. This content should be presented within the courses and curriculum information, usually as the first content to be read. This is the information that will usually gain the initial interest of a student, and encourage them to learn more. But the content really stands out when it becomes personally relatable. For prospective students there's no better way to do this than through real stories of current and past students.

Why Student Profiles?

Adding student profiles to curriculum or course pages provide a number of advantages. These students who have studied the course have real world experience of what it was like. The brief insight provided by a student profile can help prospective students relate to that student experience, and in turn the course. A student profile can include that student's favourite bits of the course and hopefully their success story afterwards. More details to draw the prospective student into the course and invest them more heavily in why they should study it. It should also importantly convince them why they should study that course at your school or college. All of this enhances the curriculum information provided on the website and can help to get students to buy into the course or curriculum and think about their future.

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