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A school website blog makes it easier than ever to share unique content with your school community. For best results include your school website blog within the main website. Using a separate site for blogs gives conflicting styling, a lack of brand unification and separated content. Keep your blog on site to give a professional consistent feel and the ability to present additional content to your visitors. More and more websites are using blogs to engage with visitors. Unlock the power of your website with an engaging school website blog.

Schudio website software makes it simple to add a blog to your school website, see more about blogs and other Schudio software features here!

The Power of Your School Website Blog

A school website blog is one of the easiest ways to effectively engage with your school community. A number of short informative blog posts can provide a deeper insight into your school or college than a lengthy page of text, policy document or prospectus. Blog posts can be regularly updated and can be written in a different way to the more traditional more formal documents. Student blogs or teacher blogs, both are useful in sharing the great work your school does with your community.

As well as promoting engagement your school website blog will also naturally help with your marketing. Engaging with your potential school community. The content created and shared through your school website blog will give them a unique insight into school or college life. Parents or students are becoming increasingly involved in the decision making process for their future education. So showing off your fantastic school is becoming increasingly important too.

Your school website blog is also a really effective tool for increasing your ranking within search engines like Google. There's lots you can do for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We always advise against quick tricks and exploits. They might bring a quick win, but ultimately cause problems and a negative effect on your website ranking. Instead remember the search engine is trying to answer a search query in the best way possible. So try to make your website the best answer to the question!
Blog posts covering different topics and answers can be really helpful in creating content on your site that effectively answers questions that visitors to your school might have. Posting blogs regularly shows your website is frequently updated.

Read more about getting started with writing good school website blog posts here!

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