Requests for Copies and your School Website

The requirement for requests for copies on your school website is really VERY simple to implement, perhaps the simplest of all.
However, many schools miss this one out when working through the full list of school website requirements. The good news is, It really is something you can complete in just a moment.

To meet the requirement in full we suggest writing a simple line of text with the relevant information and adding the content to two key locations. Below you will find a short sentence template to use on your website and advice on where to add it.

The Text to use for Requests for Copies

Use a sentence such as:

"Paper copies of all information contained on this website are available on request by contacting *NAMED CONTACT* at *EMAIL ADDRESS*
Keep it simple and to the point. Make it clear and actionable and in a clear format that is easy to read.

Where to add your Requests for Copies text

We suggest adding your request for copies text to two locations on your school website.

1] On your main Policies Page

Best practice says that your policies page should contain all the information parents and inspectors need to be able to find on one, or a small, easy to navigate number of pages on your website.
On that page, add your Request for Copies text above the content so it is clear to all website visitors that you are fulfilling your obligations to provide this information in the relevant formats for anyone who needs it.

2] On your Contact Page

We also find that your contact page is a place that visitors look for this content. So add it here too!
Simply place this content on your contact page among the details of your key contacts

Examples of Requests for Copies

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