School Website Request for Copies Requirement

Request for Copies Requirement

This has to be one of the most straightforward school website requirements. The school website Request for Copies requirement. It's fast and easy to implement. The problem is that it's often missed. Take 5 minutes to fix this right now and you'll not have to worry about it again. It is not a requirement that often changes.

The specific requirement states; “If a parent requests a paper copy of the information on your school’s or college’s website, you must provide this free of charge.”

In this short post, we're going to walk you through what content you should use and where you should add it.

Text to use for Requests for Copies Requirement

To meet this requirement in full, we suggest writing a simple line of text with the relevant information and adding the content to two key locations of your website. You will find below some advice for adding this content, including a short sentence template to use on your website and directions of where to add it.

Use a sentence such as:

"Paper copies of all information contained on this website are available on request by contacting *NAMED CONTACT* at *EMAIL ADDRESS*”
Keep it simple and to the point. Make it clear, actionable, and in a clear format that is easy to read.

Two places to add your Requests for Copies Requirement Text

Add your request for copies text in two locations on your school website to make sure that you are going beyond the compliance guidelines, but without causing lots of work.

1] Add Your Request for Copies Text to your main Policies Page

The policies page on your website will often be the first place that inspectors or parents will look to ascertain information on your school, so it is very important that the request for copies sentence is contained here.

Make sure you put this above all the policies so that it is clear to website visitors that you are fulfilling your obligations to provide this information to those that need it.

2] Add Your Request for Copies Requirement Text to your Contact Page

The contact page is another place that visitors to your school website will look for this content. If someone is going to make a request for copies, it's very likely they're going to stop by your Contact Page to get in touch.

By taking the time to add this text here, you not only provide the information to visitors about how you manage such requests, you also exceed the expectation of inspectors and their review team. It only takes a moment and may well make the difference upon someone inspecting your website. Simply place this content on your contact page amongst the details of your key contacts. Do your best not to bury it, keep it clear.

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Your Next Steps ...

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