Sharing Your Schudio School App

Now that you're an expert in adding news stories and blog posts to your School App it's incredibly important to do what you can to share it with your community.

There's a few things you can do to really sell it to parents and students so that they're fully engaged.

Tell Them about Your School App!

Is that a bit obvious? Well there are a few specifics that will make a keen difference to how many people start using the app. Then it's your job to keep them using it by keeping your content relevant.

Add Links to Your School Website - grab the App Store and Play Store buttons and link them directly to the app download. This works brilliantly well if your school website is fully responsive because it's just so easy!

Email Parents to Shout About Your New School App - if you're using an email service (or even a text service) then sending links to download the app works a treat! Send the specific links to each version of the app (Android and iOS) and encourage them to download it. Tell them it's another way that you want to keep them informed about what's going on in school.

Get Parents to Spread the Word - grandparents are often more tech savvy than parents so encourage your parents to share the app with grandparents. Using your School App is a great, low-level way to engage your students wider families.

Show Them How to Use It!

The Schudio School App is incredibly easy for parents to use but giving them just a little bit of help makes all the difference. Make it a no-brainer! We've created a little flyer that you can use to send to parents, either as a link or in hard-copy. It tells them exactly what the School App is for and how to get their hands on it. Find the flyer HERE!

Keep Writing News Content

Every piece of information or news that you share on your school website (and now your shiny new School App!) is vital. It is a brilliant opportunity to engage your community and enhance your relationship with them. You've now ventured in to the ultra-modern realm of "Content Marketing!"


This is without doubt, the most relevant means of engaging your school community. You have wonderful stories to tell of the amazing things that are happening in your school. You have a real depth to the information you can put in front of your audience, a depth most organisations can only dream about.

Write well, write regularly and put those fabulous stories in front of your community regularly and you'll see a stark impact on parental engagement.

Send Regular Notifications

One of the great features of your School App is the ability to send push notifications to your users. So, if there's something important that you need to announce, simply add a Message to the App and it will display an alert on every users phone or tablet.

We're updating this feature over the coming months so you can send News notifications and send targeted messages to groups of users so watch this space on that one!

But keeping regular announcements going out to parents will ensure they keep the app in mind. That's great because you know they're using it to read your content. But it's also great because it will become their go-to tool to reach out to you. That means you can manage incoming enquiries more efficiently and drive users to where you want them.

We'd love to hear how you get on with sharing your School App with your community and of course we're always here to help if you need it!

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