OFSTED School Website Compliance: Top 5 Tips

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School website compliance is a tricky subject matter. We spend a lot of time researching requirements of compliant websites, and how to make sure they stay compliant. How does your website stack up? Do you want to learn more about meeting website requirements? Our top 5 tips for school website compliance are sure to help.

Tip 5 - Use of OFSTED Logo

If your school has had an outstanding OFSTED rating, then of course you want to show that off. Adding the OFSTED logo and your grading is a great way to do that. However there are rules and guidelines around the logos that can be used on your website. These rules have changed recently (April 2017). Prior to this the OFSTED Outstanding logo was the only OFSTED rating logo that could be used on a website. OFSTED have now provided access to an online tool to download your official OFSTED logo for use on your website.

As well as adding/updating the OFSTED logo used on your website you could consider adding a Parent View link and logo to your school website. Including Parent View is not a school website compliance requirement, but it is a positive thing to include on your website. Especially if you can gather feedback (positive feedback too!) about your school.

Tip 4 - Keep on top of internal changes

One important part of your school website compliance is making sure that everything is up to date. Especially the statutory content. Some of the policies and documents required on your website need updating at different intervals throughout the school year. For example, updating the governor documents/information after a meeting has taken place to reflect who attended. Also ensuring your policies are up to date and present. And of course checking that your pupil premium information is reflective of the academic year. (Looking forwards to next year, and reflecting on the previous year).

Tip 3 - Monitor for external changes

Your website will need regular updates to ensure it remains compliant, just from the passing of time. Sometimes however there are additional changes from external sources that could cause a school website compliance issue. The biggest change to this is when OFSTED or the Department for Education (DfE) make changes to the statutory school website requirements. These changes could be updates to existing requirements, or entirely new requirements. And while you can keep checking them yourself to ensure your school website is meeting the requirements. We recommend you make use of some of the Schudio resources to help with this.

Tip 2 - OFSTED report

Our OFSTED Ready School Website Guide has been incredibly popular, and feedback fantastic. Our detailed guide provides everything you need to know to ensure school website compliance.
The guide provides a thorough checklist of requirements, helpful advice from our specialists, and best practice guidance for your content. Best of all it's free! Download it now (if you haven't already).

Tip 1 - New Online Checker

Our number 1 tip, the Schudio Online OFSTED Ready School Website Checker. This brand new resource provides access to website requirements in an online format with an interactive checklist available to fill out and mark your website. Because requirements can change after we send out an alerts of changes to requirements you can login to your account and update your report. Keep on top of your school website requirements with ease using our new online checker.
Our formal announcement about this new resource is coming soon!

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