New Feature Release – Notifications

One of the most important elements of making sure you use your school website to communicate effectively with your audience is regularly keeping it up to date. With the incredible workload you already have, remembering to keep on top of this can be difficult.

So we built our brand new Notifications system to help you manage your website better. It's a feature not available in any other system and is completely customisable for your needs.

The Notifications update is available for every user with access to administer a website via the Schudio School Website CMS and allows an individual to subscribe to updates regarding the expiry of content.

Notifications are available for:

  • Events
    Event notifications will send a notification to prompt when an event time has passed - and includes a prompt recommending writing a news article. This is fantastic for making sure you are regularly adding News content relevant to your audience at key times.
  • Document Groups
    This is a brilliant new option to notify website managers when documents, primarily policies expire. Use the Schudio School Website CMS to make sure you're always up to date with your policies, never get behind again!
    Document Group notifications are set per document, and are determined by the expiry dates entered for each individual document. Notifications are sent at 90 days, 30 days and past expiry date.
  • Content approval
    Empowering more and more users to contribute content to your website is incredibly important in transforming your online presence. But the approval of content before it goes live is just as important - this feature makes sure you know when content is waiting to be approved. Content approval notifications are sent to administrator users whenever content is added to your site by an editor user.
  • Blog comment approval
    Blog comment approval notifications are sent to administrator users whenever a blog comment is posted on a blog post that allows comments.
  • Job vacancy advertisements
    Job vacancy notifications are sent when a vacancy advert passes the closing time as defined in the vacancy advertisement.
  • Course bookings
    Course booking notifications are sent when a new booking is made for a course.

Existing users can start using notifications today by setting your notification preferences - click your username in the top left corner and choose the option "Notification Settings".

For more details on using notifications, please view our support article or, if you're yet to start using the Schudio School Website CMS to transform everything about how you reach your parents, prospective parents and students online, drop us a line on 0333 577 0753 or email info@schudio.com and we'd be delighted to chat through your plans.

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