Major School Website Software Update – from 2011 to 2019

Since 2011, we've been building websites for schools all over the UK. We've grown from a one man band to a full and dedicated team of professionals. At the same time, the school website software we built to serve those same schools has evolved. It now includes market leading features and has remained incredibly easy to use. Here's what's new in school website software 2019.

It's trusted by hundreds of UK schools. Over the years, we've also launched a series of firsts in the education sector.

  • First to offer a school app that linked with your school website.
  • Offered model of continued development and software updates without additional cost or the need to wait to renew, before anyone else.
  • First to launch features such as the unique policy management software and of course our School Website Audit Software.

At the same time, schools and colleges have come to us as leading software developers to create tools that transform processes. You may not realise it but we've built, amongst lots of other products and services, Staff Recruitment Software and Student Application Software.

The latest update to the School Website Software sees a radical change as the education sector continues to change. We're always ahead of the curve.

We've crafted our own solutions and joined forces with a handful of leading providers in the UK to overcome the biggest engagement issues faced by schools right across the country.

So, no matter what services you use from Schudio you can access the full range of services directly within your dashboard. The results can completely transform how your school engages parents.

Here's what's now available within your new Schudio dashboard.

School Website Software

The Schudio School Website Software has undergone something of a facelift to make everything just a little cleaner and even easier to find your way around than before.

You'll find that key areas of the software have moved to the areas below, which is where the more major changes are found.

School Website Compliance Software

The School Website Requirements Checker is a critical piece of armoury for around 2000 schools around the UK. It is trusted as the tool to help schools achieve ongoing compliance. You'll now find this area of the software has grown to include;

  • Industry leading School Website Requirements Guide
  • Policy Management Software for website & non-website clients
  • The School Website Auditor (previously the Checker)
  • An option to order a Pro Audit, carried out by one of our team

We will of course continue to lead the way in keeping the requirements and all supporting, advise-based content current.

By bringing these resources together into one area on your dashboard, you now have everything you need to ensure your website is fully compliance all year round.

Engagement Hub

We're really excited to be able to launch a new suite of products to help schools engage parents better than ever. We've expanded the School App functionality so that schools can now send targeted push notifications, but that's not all.

School App

Schudio were the first company to build an app that automatically pulled in content from your website system. It was transformational. Schools no longer needed to add content to two different marketing channels to reach their audience.

Since then, the landscape has changed hugely and schools are overrun with options for apps. The Schudio App remains the leading option when it comes to integration with your website, your main channel for attracting and engaging parents and students alike.

That said, we've given the App something of an overhaul behind the scenes so that schools can now send targeted messages to opted in groups of contacts. The App is also due to undergo a significant visual upgrade to provide even more options over the coming months.


Emailing parents is something of a disaster at the moment. Important information is sent in a format that requires no end of clicks to reach and even then, it's hard to read. It's not good enough as a way to engage.

At the same time, email is one of the most accessed ways of communicating, some 64% of email users prefer 'rich text' emails. That means people want to read content in a way that gives them a nice experience. Counter to that, 52% of readers are less likely to engage with a company because of a bad mobile experience.

Getting email right is worth the effort. That's why we're incredibly excited to launch a brand new way to reach parents using email.

Accessed through your School Website Software, the School Email Software from Schudio makes it easy to build beautiful templates, send letters from the Headteacher in a much more readable format and so much more.

Our packages are designed to be affordable for all schools, whatever size. If you'd like to know more about emailing parents in a much better way, drop us a line. We'd love to chat about what you'd love to be able to achieve.

Parents Evening Bookings

We're asked so often about whether we're able to provide certain products and services. Often the answer is yes. If clients chat to us about something specific, very often we'll set about building a feature or brand new service to meet their needs.

We are asked about Parents Evening Booking software often. The difference here is that there is already an amazing solution for schools to use. That's why we've partnered with School Cloud Systems to bring the UK's best parents evening booking solution and integrated it into your school website software.

As a solution, it's a fantastic opportunity to streamline a stressful process and make parents evenings much more straightforward for parents and staff. Everything is really fast and easy for everyone, parents evenings run more on time and the system seamlessly integrates with your MIS.

Attract Hub

Over the years large schools and sixth form colleges have approached us, looking for innovative ways to streamline their applications and admissions processes. Since then, we've partnered with a number of clients to completely transform how they take admissions and keep in touch with students before enrolment.

We've also built unique Staff Recruitment software to help schools, Trusts and colleges attract the best possible candidates. There is no need for paper processes because we take care of everything; advertising job vacancies on your website, compliant online applications, shortlisting management and reference requests. Plus lots more.

Both these products are available in affordable packages to suit any size of school or college. Talk to us today about how we can have a profound impact on how you attract the very best students and staff.

Services & Integrations

Finally, we've also expanded the range of services we're able to offer. Everything we're able to offer compliments your software to suit your individual school's needs.

We offer smart integrations to provide features such as live chat, shopping carts and school campus tours. And to truly bring your online provision to life, we're able to offer photography days, logo and brand work, social media set up and management and so much more.

The Schudio software suite continues to grow, develop and evolve. But, the fundamentals of everything we do are led by our passion to support you in your role in school. Drop us a line to chat anything through, we'd love to hear from you.

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