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We created the Learning Wall last year to bring together the very best resources for teachers to use to help bring ICT more effectively into their classrooms.

As a starting point this was a pretty good idea - we spoke to quite a few schools and they loved it. Very quickly though we realised that this wasn't enough. Conversations with teachers and students provided us with the feedback we needed to make some significant changes.

Learning Wall empowers teachers and students to create their own central resource to easily access anything they use regularly. By uploading an image and adding a link, users can quickly create a great resource to share or access privately. As our community grows the Learning Walls built by ourselves and our users are quickly becoming an invaluable resource to teachers and students all over the world.

Just this last week we've create Learning Walls for the Victorian Era, SEN and EFYS. We're accelerating the production of these Walls and are asking for help in building this resource. Please let us know if you think of a Wall you'd like us to build, or sign up now for a free account and build your own! We'd love to see what you've created so please get in touch and we'll share the love.

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