How to avoid the most common school website compliance mistakes

With the day to day pressures of keeping your school website up to date, it's incredibly for things to slip. Here we'll provide you with insight into the most common school website compliance mistakes. And we'll also give you practical advice on how to avoid them.

What are the most common mistakes?

Since launching the School Website Requirements Checker over 2000 schools have signed up to audit, track and manage their school website compliance. Add together the 400+ schools we already work with and we have some pretty robust data.

The most common mistakes are often quick and easy to fix. Here's the most commonly occurring issues:

  1. Curriculum - many, many schools are failing to meet the requirements for publishing curriculum information online.
  2. Results - lots of schools have out of date or incomplete exam results information on their website.
  3. Pupil Premium - lots of schools aren't fully disclosing how Pupil Premium is spent in their school.

Note that, publishing this information is mandatory. Inspectors will specifically ask for this information if they can't easily find it on your website.

How do I avoid making school website compliance mistakes?

The reasons seem to be the same with many of the websites that we've reviewed. The individuals or teams within school that manage the website are struggling to keep everything up to date.

The most common reason for this is that the website is simply too difficult to manage. It takes too much time.

Here's a few quick tips to keep on top of your school website compliance.

  1. Firstly, use our completely free School Website Requirements Checker. It makes reviewing your website a breeze and is incredibly quick. It will provide you with and accurate picture of the state of your website and key action points. And it is genuinely free.
  2. Speak to your school website provider about how they can support you in keeping your website up to date and fully compliant. Don't pay for any work to be done, just ensure you're using a product that make it easy and quick.

What about future-proofing?

Simply put, if you sign up for School Website Requirements Checker you'll receive a full guide on keeping your website compliant straight away. You'll also receive access to the tool and then, this is the best bit, we'll keep you up to date as soon as any changes occur. You'll be able to see the new requirements as soon as you login to checker so you can act quickly.

... And what if my time is limited?

If you're really struggling to find the time, our experts would be very happy to complete a full one-time Ofsted Ready Website Audit on your website, on your behalf. You can order yours here.

As a school website provider, we see our job as making yours as easy as possible. We're here to provide useful information and save you time. We also love to save schools money by offering free products like The Schudio School App and The Ofsted Ready School Website Tool. No gimmicks. Just helpful support to schools, honestly trying to lead the way in Ofsted School Website Requirements.

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