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Roose Learning Wall

 “It makes life easier. I love it and I play with it”



Helen works in Roose Primary School in Barrow-in-Furness. She teaches students from nursery to primary (age 3 to 11). She teaches every subject and is also responsible for ICT in her school. She is one of the first users of Learning Wall and she likes it a lot. “It is a fantastic idea”, she commented on Learning Wall.

How Helen uses Learning Wall:

I think Learning wall is a combination of links, it is always there and we just click to link to other pages. We have two Learning Walls now, one for class delivery used by teachers, and another for research used by students. The students’ Learning Wall was created by me, with ideas from students. Students can access their own Learning Wall at home or school, for games, research and homework. The teachers’ Learning Wall is an effective teaching tool. Before I used Learning Wall, I had to keep all the useful pages open otherwise I needed to Google them again. But now, I don’t have to keep them open. I just need to keep LW open and use it as a homepage to link to other websites.


It is really a fantastic idea and it makes life easier. I think the most obvious result of using Learning Wall is that I can get more done in one class because Learning Wall saves me a lot of time in searching, opening and closing websites. And I think it also helps to engage students. As I don’t have to pop in Google to search for websites I need, I can simply open them and continue with my teaching. Students therefore have no time to distract.


I just really like it. It is an easy way to access everything needed. I’d rate its overall performance as “very good”. It saves a lot of time and speeds up everything. For example, when I want to use peddler without the learning wall, I have to go to Google first and then search for peddler via Google, but now it is just there and I just need to click the peddler tile. Also, it’s easier to check emails since I’m already logged in. In terms of the easiness in setting up and operating Learning Wall, it is very easy to operate as you just need to click the tiles. It might appear a little difficult to set up at the beginning, but I quickly grasped it within two hours. No need to worry about that.

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