Bring your Prospectus to Life with Flipbooks for Schools

We LOVE flipbooks for schools and their websites! Used effectively they can add a level of professionalism to your website that adds a dynamic lift to your user engagement. They're not so good for certain things and there is no need for any school to pay to add one to their website.

This post is latest in our series on The Power of Rich Media on Your School Website, but the first question is ...

What Are Flipbooks?

It's very likely that you'll have seen flipbooks on websites that you've looked around before now. They're the fancy-looking, page turners on lots of websites. The good ones work on any device (they're not Flash based!) and are incredibly easy to use. They don't guzzle lots of data, load quickly and draw users into your website content.

There are a few 'less good' ones out there which are a bit more clunky and do use Flash. The result is, they won't work on every device, which is a huge problem.

What Use are Flipbooks for Schools (and what are they not for!)

For schools, flipbooks can be a valuable weapon in your armoury to engage your audience effectively. Schools that are using them effectively find that flipbooks can be hugely useful for certain types of content.

So what should you use them for? In a nutshell, glossy, high quality content. If you have a professionally designed prospectus or brochure, course or event leaflets, flipbooks can really bring your content to life and draw users into deeper engagement with your website.

They're not so good for the more text-heavy documents such as policies. Your school website provider should have a specific feature that makes policy management incredibly easy. Have a read of our recent article on Policy Documents - To Download or Not to Download.

How to Integrate your Flipbooks to your School Website

Here's the rub. Some school website providers charge for your to add a single flipbook to your school website. Then they'll charge you again for each new one you want to add. We're always trying to think of a better way. That's why we've done all the heavy lifting for you! Using exactly the same technology as some of our competitors we're put the power in your hands.

The Schudio School Website software is fully integrated with Issuu, the world's leading provider of digital publishing. Simply upload a PDF into our software and the link between our system and theirs will create a beautiful flipbook in seconds. You then simply copy and paste a tiny embed code anywhere into your school website and hey-presto, your stunning flipbook is ready to use.

There are no additional charges, no matter how many flipbooks you add to your school website. Quite simply, why would there be? There's very little work involved in adding a flipbook any any website! All we've done is made is as easy as possible!

If you'd like us to show you the power of flipbooks then drop us a line, we'd love to chat that through with you. Otherwise, get flipping and bring your glossy content to life!


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