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The functionality to determine custom content approvers within your school website software ensures you can manage your website even more effectively. Providing a greater level of flexibility and control. Without distraction from irrelevant emails and notifications piling in to already busy inboxes.

What are 'Custom Content Approvers'?

In a nutshell custom content approvers gives more flexibility over which website users can approve which other users content. Detailed controls to manage the approval of content for each user is now available. Choose a specific approver or approvers for each editor user. It is then up to the named approvers to review the content. Choose the approvers from a list of existing administrator users. But don't forget we allow an unlimited number of users with customised permissions. So you should be able to set users up in the most effective way for your school or college. With this expanded functionality we're confident you'll be able to make even more effective use of our school website software.

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How can you use them?

This feature is available in your account to get started with right away. By default all existing administrator users have been set to approve all existing editor users in your account. So get started customising your permissions and take advantage of this new functionality.

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Student logins (or a single student login if you prefer) can be editor users. The class teachers and assistants can be the custom content approvers of their content. Content requires approval before going live. Nothing is added to the public facing website without approval. And the relevant approvers will be able to see the work of their class. Without sending a barrage of messages to all listed approvers in your account.

Manage content effectively

Give your team access to manage sections of the website, and of course the training they need to do so - we can help with that if needed. Your staff team can then have responsibility for different sections/pages/policies, and update their relevant sections. Approval or checking of the content handled by line managers set as the custom content approvers for the relevant users.

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