Does your school website content spiral out of control?

Throughout our series on The Power of Rich Media on Your School Website we've looked at lots of vital elements. We've discussed the use of stunning photos, the influence of video and how media can drive users strategically. All of which highlight the endless possibilities of using rich media effectively when driving your school website content.

Schools that embrace this power reap series rewards. The problem can often be what happens after a few weeks and months. Routines settle in and potentially, bad habits start to creep in as well. In this short post, we'll wrap things up by highlighting a few key tips to keep your rich school website content tidy.

Think Strategically

One of the easiest mistakes to make in managing your school website content is to add content without thinking. It's easy to do and it's even easier for us to criticise! Schools are incredibly busy places and often making time for anything is hard.

That said, just the smallest pause to think, "where is the best place for this?" can make all the difference. Very often, schools can take a number of pages of content and combine them into a single page. The pages are longer of course, but don't be afraid of using longer pages strategically.

One example might be combining your Welcome, Mission & Aims and Vision Statement pages into one. They're not long pages usually and the content ties together naturally. The content will need breaking up with styling and images, but you've reduced your footprint by two pages instantly. That makes your site easier to find your way around.

The only thing to bear in mind is that if each section is really long it might be better kept as an individual page.

Embrace the File Manager

Once you've got into the habit of keeping on top of your school website content structure, applying the same to your files (images etc) is vital.

A good school website software package will provide you with a flexible and intelligent file manager as standard. If you add an image to a photo gallery or a news story, the software should know where you've added it. That will make it easier for you to keep on top of managing your rich content well.

Even so, software can only do so much and the more content you add to your school website, the more likely it is that it will get a little out of control.

Make it part of your 'good habit strategy' to keep on top of the location of all your images and files and you'll find it much easier to manage your site day to day.

Keep up Good Habits

Getting into good habits is one the best ways to make your website fizz! From writing regular, relevant school news articles to effectively managing your policies everything you do should be with the aim to engage your users, not just tick boxes. Your school website partner's job is to ensure you should have the power to keep drawing more and more people into your content.

The Schudio School Website software makes all these jobs incredibly easy! Take a tour to find out the extent to which you can really drive your website forward. We'd love to hear, as usual, about all the brilliant things you're doing with your school website content. That's whether or not you're yet to partner with Schudio for your website! We're always keen to hear what's going on, no matter where you're based, so get in touch!

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