The Power of School Website News

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School website news is probably the most readily available content available for your school to write about. News articles on your school website should be released regularly to keep your school community informed. Dynamic content like your news will attract new visitors to your website. It will also keep them coming back to find out more. It should be easy to find your school website news, and should have a very visible presence.

Most schools provide news in one way or another. Sometimes school news is published in a paper based newsletter format. Some schools are using email to send out a newsletter. But for the most effective engagement with your school community school website news is the way to go.

Why School Website News?

Many things can be published on your school website, but we recommend you focus on something simple like news. Why?

News Occurs Naturally

New things are happening in your school every day, certainly every week. This is what news is. Share something interesting, something unique to your school.

Share Regular Updates

News content changes all the time, it's in the name - (new)s! By presenting news via your school website it becomes more accessible to visitors. They can read it in a more timely manner, straight off the presses.

Already Writing News

It's very likely that your school is writing news in one way or another. Take this content online and present it in your school website news section. Content already being produced is now published on the website.

Make the most of your news. Fill your school website news section with regularly updated naturally occurring content from your school.

School Website News Benefits

Consistent and regular updates

News is accessible instantly via the school website news section. Traditional methods rely on a scheduled release time. Usually with multiple stories released in a single newsletter. Your website becomes the place to read new content and visitors get into the pattern of regularly checking for updates. Continued good quality content will lead to a more engaged and active community.

These regular updates will also help you rank better in search engines too. There's a whole science behind optimising your website for search engines (SEO). But good quality regular content related to your school helps you meet the requirements of the search engines. 'To provide the best results to any given search term.'

More detailed and varied content

Traditional newsletters and formatted email newsletters have limited space. But news displayed on your school website doesn't face that limitation. Your website can display longer news articles with more text, you can also share more varied types of content. Multiple photos from a photo gallery, videos, audio files and all sorts of other digital media. These different types of rich media are all useful to enhance your school website news content.

Easy to read (if you have responsive website)

Your school website news should be easily accessible on any device. Visitors to your website will be turned off your content if the layout isn't conducive to the reading experience. A responsive website is a must for your school! All the detailed and varied content can be accessed from a mobile device and read wherever a parent is. Parents can share news on social media. They can share it with each other, especially if one parent works away from home. Keep parents up to date with a digital copy of news that remains accessible rather than just another piece of paper to get lost at the bottom of a school bag.

school website news banner

What About Your School Website News?

Review how you publish news. Will you lump it all together into one newsletter or display each article individually on your website. Consider splitting content from your newsletter into individual news stories. Or even better write your news articles and use them to create a regular newsletter (if you still want to publish one). Your content will be richer and the stories can be released in a much more timely manner.

For more tips on writing engaging news articles see this article in our blog.

Don't forget to include high quality images along with your school website news!

Is news easy to add to your school website? School website news is a dedicated feature of the Schudio software, take a look here.

Consider the timing of your news releases too. When will you get the best response? Try different times and measure the results.


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