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  1. What do Parents want from your School Website?

    Your school website is more and more becoming a true frontispiece; showcasing the very best your school has to offer to parents, prospective parents and of course OFSTED….

  2. Schudio now includes school blog with every account

    We’ve now added a great new feature which puts loads more flexibility and power in the hands of everyone working in your school or college. Our new school…

  3. Embed Google Calendar on your School Website

    Google is brilliant at creating tools which make things easy to do. More and more schools and colleges are using these tools to manage services, assets and resources….

  4. How to Structure your School Web Site

    It can be somewhat overwhelming to take all the content that has to go onto your school web site and figure out the best way to structure this…

  5. Why Pencil Buttons on School Websites are Bad

    It’s quite surprising how often we have conversations with parents, students and teachers about their school websites, only to find that they have different coloured pencils as buttons.

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