Why Choose Bespoke Website Design for your School Website?

What type of website design should you choose? What makes a bespoke website design different from other approaches. Maybe you’ve read our school website planning guide and want to know a little bit more about what a bespoke website design project entails?

Why choose a bespoke school website design?

A bespoke website design essentially provides you with more control. If you have a specific idea of what you want, or there’s a specific goal/aim you want to achieve a bespoke website could be the right choice for your school or college.

It is important to emphasise that with a Schudio Custom website package you have a lot of control over your website already. (See our recent 2 part series about taking control of your school website structure. Part 1, Part 2)

It’s so important that your school website is easy to update and manage, whether you use a bespoke website design, or a custom website design. This applies to content of course, but also to making changes to the appearance of your website.

Our trusted custom designs are highly customisable, even to the level that some of the schools and colleges using these designs could be mistaken for a bespoke design. We'll work closely with your team in school to work on some custom artwork to be utilised on your design to really capture and reflect your school identity and provide that unique look to your website. However they remain simple to change and update, and flexible to achieve your website goals.

Usually more customisation options means more complexity in management. Especially when these options need to be used by a range of schools and colleges. Each with their own different website vision and goal.

And this is the big difference between a custom website design and a bespoke website design.

A bespoke design will usually provide more specific options, but retain the flexibility to control your website. Because the design and controls have been built with your specific use case in mind.

Our approach to school website design and software will help your school improve effective communication with your community.

What a bespoke website design project looks like

A bespoke website design project is very similar to our custom website project. Your website content transfer and checking can take place in parallel with the design work.

Analysis and Specification

First of all your own bespoke website project manager will be the link between Schudio and your school. Together you'll determine an initial specification for your website, including any specific elements you require. They'll also outline any suggestions and make recommendations to incorporate into this initial stage.

Initial design proposal

After working with you to determine a brief for the project, our design team will get to work on an initial design concept for your school or college.

Design iterations

Next steps are to improve and tweak the design to be most effective for your school. This usually starts with bigger changes and finishes with smaller tweaks. Your project manager will work with you to collect changes and process these in stages for the design team to work on. These stages will lead to the creation of a finalised design concept.

Build and Testing

When you're happy with your design and sign it off we'll take the images and create your bespoke, fully responsive website powered by the Schudio CMS.


After your website design is completed your project manager will send a preview for checking. After you've checked it over your project manager will then work with you to make your site live. So your school parents and the rest of your school community can view and use your brand new website.

What do bespoke website clients say?

Rather than form our own words for how we think our clients rate our service we'll use their own.

Schudio’s approach to working with schools goes beyond just providing a design and hosting service. By having such a flexible service from Schudio, it is helping us improve the way we can show what life is like in school and benefit our students, parents, staff and community as a whole.
Steve Atwood, Burton Borough School

Whichever route your school chooses our accomplished team will guide your website project and provide guidance along the way. As a result you’ll be benefiting from the skills and knowledge of our team. Guided by experience on both bespoke website design packages and our optimised custom designs used by hundreds of schools. You can read some of the advice and types of things we'll share with you through the course of your website project here.

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