4 Ideas to give your school website homepage a lift

4 ideas to give your school website homepage a lift

Is your school website homepage an exciting glimpse into school life? Or does it leave your visitors with a dreary and outdated impression of school life? It is so important to make your website homepage both attractive and informative. After reading this blog you will no longer be asking yourself "what can I do with my school website homepage to make it more engaging?' Let me share with you some of our school website homepage ideas.

School website homepage ideas - News and Events

News and events are a really important feature of your school website. News and events serve a dual purpose on your school website. They keep your visitors up to date and, with the help of a headline image and a catchy title, make your homepage look great. News tells the story of what has happened at school and events show what is coming up. A simple school website homepage idea is to be in the habit of regularly publishing news and events. Perhaps start with choosing a regular weekly news day where you publish a news article to the site. That way people will know to visit your website to find out what you have been up to. Also, rather than emailing and calling for details of events they can simply check the website.

School website homepage ideas - Social Media

Social Media is a great way to engage with parents, local schools, the community...the list goes on. If you are using social media you should definitely have links to your accounts on your school website. Or event better include a social media feed. If you are not sure about school social media, why not read our previous blog all about social media and find out more about how social media can be used to compliment your school website.

If you add social media links to your school website homepage, keep your social media accounts up to date and interesting. When a news article, an event or a blog is created in the Schudio school website software you can share them to social media easily using the social sharing buttons. That means you do the work once but can reach people on multiple platforms in just a couple of clicks.

School website homepage ideas - A full picture

Another of our top school website homepage ideas is to keep your images up to date.

Keep school website photos up to date - your homepage is often the area of your site with very little written content. Using beautiful images you can tell people all about life at school without using words. There will probably be multiple opportunities to use photos on your homepage; scrolling banners, news and events images, menu icons.

Make sure you use a variety of different shots - you can show off all thats great about your school by including a nice photo on your homepage. The photographic elements of your school website should be really easy to update so there should be no reason why you would have out of date or poor quality images.

Our photography team at Schudio love this time of year for taking photos. If you don't have the time or ability to capture your images using classroom equipment then we would be happy to have a chat with you about our photography package. Our photographers are experts in capturing all that wonderful about each school they visit. Get in touch if you would like to see some examples of their work. We would love to show you how striking a school website homepage can look with their photos.

School website homepage ideas - A tailored look

Flexibility is key with your school website design. Its vital that you have control over changing the structure of your menus, updating your photos and content. All Schudio website users have control over all of these areas and often more. We also go a step further than this. If you have any bespoke requests for your school website then our development team are experts in tailoring your site to suit your needs. If there is a specific requirement or thought you have had to improve your homepage, then why not contact us for redesign quote on specific elements?

Want to know what impact your homepage lift has had? Why not take a look at the analytics data for your school website before and after and compare the difference. Don't worry if you are not familiar with google analytics, we have a school website analytics training session coming soon!! We cant wait to meet some of you there to show you around analytics and share with you some more of our school website homepage ideas.

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