Monthly Archives: June, 2022

  1. Top 4 School Website Summer Tasks

    With the school year almost at a close now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your school website summer tasks done over the summer holidays….

  2. Information to Publish in your School Website Equality Objectives Report

    Throughout this post, we will delve into one of the school website requirements; information to publish in your school website equality objectives report. The requirements can be found…

  3. School Website Speed improvements for quicker performance.

    One of the vital school website requirement recommendations is that content must be easy and fast to find. As a result, your school website speed is very important. …

  4. Meeting the School Website Complaints Requirements

    How can you meet the school website Complaints Policy requirement? If you take a look at Schudio’s school website requirements guide and scroll down to section 17 you…

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