Monthly Archives: March, 2021

  1. How Social Media can Improve Parental Engagement

    Social media is a growing part of school life, whether you enjoy using it or not. Being active on your social media platforms gives your school unparalleled access…

  2. School Website Governor Information – How to Get it Right

    Your school website governor information needs to be presented to meet the statutory school website requirements. There’s lots of useful and helpful information that should be published. However…

  3. Support Here at Schudio

    If there is one thing at Schudio that we take pride in, it is our support. Here at Schudio we take our support very seriously. We understand that…

  4. How to create the best school website SEND page

    Since this article was originally published we have seen a bit of a shift. There have been a few amendments to SEN information required on your school website….

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