Teacher Mental Health – How Schudio can help

It's really hard to explain to people what it is like being a teacher. The intensity of the role, and the amount of important matters being balanced at any one time, is often hard to explain to people, not in the profession.

Is anyone good at juggling lots of plates without letting one drop and smash? No, we're not either!

Some stats...

According to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, teachers and education professionals report the highest rates of work-related stress, depression and anxiety in Britain. In 2018 The Schools Week reported the number of teachers leaving was at least 3,000 higher than the number entering the job in each year between 2015 and 2017.

The DfE published the results of their Teacher Wellbeing Report in July 2019 and found ‘Our results show that teachers in both schools and further education and skills (FES) providers love their profession, overwhelmingly enjoy teaching, are generally very positive about their workplace and colleagues, and enjoy building relationships with pupils and seeing them flourish.

However, these positive elements of well-being at work are counterbalanced by negative elements that lead to poor occupational well-being for many teachers. This report shows that teachers are suffering from high workloads, lack of work-life balance, a perceived lack of resources and, in some cases, a perceived lack of support from senior managers, especially in managing pupils’ behaviour.’

How can Schudio help?

So, what’s that got to do with Schudio? We create websites right? Well, we do that's true!

BUT you may have seen our SchudioTV launch recently; we now have a course help manage anxiety and aid mental health.

Our online courses have the aim to not only to be functional but also inspirational. So, how can SchudioTV help stop the overwhelming anxiety that creeps in as a teacher?

Now, you might be thinking that an online course is the last thing teachers want to do! But let us assure you that Phil’s course Navigating Stress & Anxiety for Teachers and School Staff is really worthwhile. The course goes through how stress can be overwhelming. Phil shows how the way we think can be detrimental when coping with teacher stress.

He talks through how to help shift our thinking and 'not believe the lie' we tell ourselves. And he gives lots of practical steps to manage teacher anxiety and 'the stress overwhelm' unique to the profession.

When you watch the course, he offers tasks and advice to do as you are sat watching. You won't be adding another job to a list! It is at easing anxiety immediately. The course is split into 11 chapters so you don’t need to sit through everything all at once. Get your notepad and a pen ready and come out feeling a little lighter!

Navigating Stress and Anxiety for Teachers by Phil Collins is only £29 on SchudioTV.

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