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The Schudio App is a great way to keep in touch with your school community effectively, quickly and at a zero cost to either the school or end users.

When we built our App earlier this year we wanted to do something that nobody else was doing; we wanted to build a full featured and attractive app for schools and colleges, then give it away for free! (Want to know why? Read this.)

The only thing that was missing was the Android version. We're delighted to tell you that we've now launched the Schudio App on the Google Play Store.

Schools can communicate hugely effectively by using carefully selected tools freely available to them - there doesn't always have to be a cost involved. In fact, we think, that if you have to add content to your website and then to your app, you shouldn't have to pay for the privilege.

The Schudio App is free now and will always be free.  We provide easy set up instructions and flyers for you to print and send to parents to get you started (See below).

The Schudio App is "brilliant and best of all free – I honestly don’t know why anyone would pay good money to another company for an app when this one does everything we need it to," Tom Sale, Mereside Primary School in Blackpool.

Promote your app in your school using these fliers:

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