NEW FEATURE: School Form Builder

The School Form Builder option in the Schudio School Website Software empowers you to collect information right where your users are, directly on your school website.

The Parental Engagement Flywheel keeps your students and school community right at the centre of everything you do. But running around the outside of your community, before you get to all your apps and SMS services is your school website. It is the place all your school community use as the main source of information. It is the most trusted online tool you have.

So, the best place to add your school forms is to your school website. Then, whatever tools you use to share information and request feedback from parents, make those point towards your website.

That's best practice.

Why use the School Form Builder as part of your website?

Your school website is the go-to place for all your audiences; parents, students, future colleagues.

By adding forms to your website when you need to collect information from parents, you will be providing parents with the best, most flexible and indeed appropriate way to responding. Your website is their preferred destination.

Furthermore, your website is where you bring together your picture of day to day life in school. It's where you celebrate all that happens in school. And, its where you have the opportunity to steer your community to where you want them to be.

Even more so, you have the best possible ability to control the style and display of your forms on your website. You can add supporting information around the form for a better experience AND you know that your forms will work perfectly on ANY device.

And (I know they keep on coming!) the data you collect as opposed to paper forms is 100% reliable. Never lose a school form ever again!

That all means that there is no better place to share your forms.

What can you do with the School Form Builder?

But, what can you do with your forms? What options are available to you and what power do they hold?

Well, first of all, your new School Form Builder will mean you never need to use paper forms again!

The Schudio School Form Builder comes with a ton of options that will transform how you collect information. It's a simple 3 step process to creating and sharing a form.

1 - Create your form
2 - Add your form to your website (either public or private)
3 - Share your form on the appropriate channels

Then, you can analyse the results of your form, collate and export information and very quickly import into your MIS.

Easy to Build Drag & Drop Embedded Forms

Forms are incredibly quick and easy to build using our drag and drop technology to add unlimited fields and create forms that meet your specific needs as a school. Fully compliant with the GDPR and data protection standards, your forms can be created quickly and the layout and design changed to make your form easy to use for parents.

Popups & Alerts

You can also choose to have forms popup on your website pages, even specific pages to collect vital information for events or to capture contact details for those interested in your school. This is a brilliant option for any marketing plans you have or, if you need to grab information very quickly.

Mobile Responsive Landing Pages

Then you can create absolutely stunning pages, very quickly that are designed with the specific aim of collecting information from your users. They will be free from distractions for maximum effectiveness and look part of your brand and style. Choose from a range of pre-built templates or build your own from scratch. And, every area of the form can be customised to make collecting information incredibly easy.

Everything you build will work on any device, which means that your forms will work beautifully and perform exceptionally well. Your parents and the school community will find them a breeze to interact with.

Sharing Your School Forms

One of the biggest benefits to using your website as the preferred option for any forms you need completing by anyone in your community is the control you have and the ability to share the forms with anyone.

Your forms will work on any device. They will be customisable and fit your branding, making them more effective. Your forms can be created once and shared across multiple platforms. They can be public or hidden. The options are endless and will give you a huge amount of control over how you collect your data.

You can share your forms with specific groups of parents via your chosen MIS-linked messaging platform and still retain the best possible end-user experience. And you can use the same platform to create forms that are perfect for marketing and event management. That's all within one tool.

The best advice we can offer you when it comes to choosing and using a school form builder is to remember where your website fits in the engagement flywheel; right at the centre, around your school community itself.

By creating forms that live on your website and pointing your users to them, you will see the biggest impact, the greatest return and exceptional levels of engagement.

FIND OUT MORE about the Schudio School Form Builder >>

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