Our job is to make it as easy as possible for your school or college to have a beautiful, up to date website. The school website design service we provide guarantees your new website will work on every device and we make sure that your school website requirements are met in full. What's more, we offer everything you need to engage your school community like never before. Forget about App, Website and Marketing from separate providers. Take control of everything in one trustworthy, reliable place.

We're driven by a passion to serve schools well and not charge the earth. The reason we do what we do is to make it possible for us to help support our projects in Uganda. We don't support these projects as an act of corporate responsibility. It is why we exist.

Ian Richardson

Ian is responsible for the day to day running of the business and is incredibly passionate about serving schools well. Everything we do, every team member, every project we support must all fit in with our values. Ian oversees every part of our strategic approach to these vital parts of our business.

Every week Ian checks a number of our clients website and offers guidance and support to help schools succeed and it is one of his favourite things to do when in work. When not working, Ian loves to spend time with his family and exploring the great outdoors.

Nicole Richardson

Nicole is key to our motivation as a team. She largely spends her time looking after her and Ian's children but is responsible for ensuring that the strategic direction of the company is on always aligned with our values.

With a unique insight into how to make all our features and services as easy as possible to use, particularly from a primary school point of view, Nicole is an integral lead within our continued development plan.

She is also a strong advocate for special needs provision and effective parental engagement.

China Hallyburton

China oversees all our training and support services to ensure that every client is well looked after, all year round. She provides an exceptional service to everyone we partner with and is our go to person when we want to make sure we're doing the best we can to help a client.

When she's not working China spends time with her beautiful horse Olive, her family and her friends.

Roman Sidorkin

Roman "Brammo" Sidorkin is our lead developer and has been with Schudio since the very beginning. He is a hugely talented developer, continually driving the products forward.

When Brammo isn't speaking 'code', he keeps us praying he doesn't fall off one of the very many, very big mountains he climbs on a regular basis. He is husband to Anna and is a doting father to his two daughters.

Anna Sidorkina

Anna is an incredibly talented customer advocate, tirelessly and patiently supporting schools in achieving their goals online.

When she's not solving problems for clients like a queen, Anna is all about her family and enjoys walking with her husband Roman.

Harry Boo

Harry is our UX designer and is highly experienced in crafting websites and online services that are easy to navigate, look truly stunning and provide schools and colleges the opportunity to present the best possible picture of life in school.

Steph Wright

Steph leads our in-house graphic design services. A keen photographer and incredible designer, Steph ensure that the output for all our clients is at the very best level it can be.

Stephen Boyd

Stephen is responsible for compliance surrounding school websites. He is keen for schools to be fully compliant with Ofsted requirements. He also writes helpful educational based content for our blogs.

When not working Stephen enjoys spending time with his family and can often be found in the outdoors especially The Lake District.

Esther Stamp

Esther is our behind the scenes Administrator whose job is to check everything is running smoothly and processes are working as they should. Esther has some insight into the school life as she is married to a teacher and has school aged children so has some perspective from both sides! When she is not using her multitasking skills at Schudio, she is multi-tasking looking after three small children.


Boaz is the company dog and is responsible for stealing our lunches, licking our faces and generally bouncing in and out of our lives in the most unhelpful way he can think of. We wouldn't be without him though!

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