Monthly Archives: September, 2021

  1. School Website Compliance Top Tips for 2021/22

    Thankfully for us all, at the time of writing, this year has yet to see any significant changes in the school website requirements for the academic year 2021/22….

  2. Admission Arrangement Regulations & Your School Website

    Getting your school admissions regulations right on your website is really important for two reasons. Firstly, school admissions are one of the larger sections of school website requirements. …

  3. Moving from School Website Compliance to Best Practice

    First things first – Complete School Website Compliance Of course, we must make sure that our school websites have reached full compliance as our main starting point. That…

  4. Contact Details on Your School Website – Are you getting it right?

    Contact Details is the first requirement found in the school website requirements guide. This section of your website is SO important, yet when I audit a Schools website or…

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