Monthly Archives: October, 2018

  1. School Website Compliance Best Practice in 2018/19

    School Website Compliance 2018/19 We’re well into the new school year, the first half term is just around the corner, but how is your school website compliance? Have…

  2. Emailing Parents – Your Best Practice Guide

    Emailing parents can be a bit of a minefield but it’s so important to not bin the idea because you don’t see the impact you would like to….

  3. How to get Contact Details on your School Website right

    Contact details are one of the more straightforward sections in the list of school website requirements. However it is a section we often find incomplete as we are…

  4. How to send school newsletters via email

    Email has radically changed over the years and the rate of change has accelerated more and more. School newsletters still lag behind what is actually possible. Lots of…

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