Schudio School Admissions System


Why Choose the Schudio School Admissions System?

More and more schools and colleges are managing their own applications and admissions and it can be a daunting, expensive task. Most often systems are clunky, difficult to use and get nowhere near engaging the end user.

The Schudio School Applications & Admissions System is a cutting edge solution to the problem and provides access to everything you need to effectively accept applications to your school or college from any device in any location.


Fully Responsive Bespoke System

All Admissions forms are built bespoke to your requirements, all data is available in our bespoke Schudio School Website CMS and all elements are FULLY responsive, meaning you can take applications on any device.

Save & Continue Options

One of the biggest problems faced by schools and colleges not using online applications and admissions is incomplete, inaccurate data. By using our system, applicants can Save and Continue and you have full control over the data you collect, resulting in much more robust, reliable data collection.

Custom Exports

We will build custom export functions into your bespoke build so that you can be sure that the data we provide will easily import into whatever offline systems you may be using. Direct data feeds are also available.


Email Confirmation & Remarketing Integration

Our developers are built an advanced integration with a leading email marketing delivery system with automation functions ready built in so you can chase incomplete applications without any manual involvement. Where relevant, you can even send marketing emails to applicants based on the course options they choose to ensure you retain their interest before enrolment.

Highly Cost Effective

Your fully bespoke, powerful system is very reasonably priced and offers a wide range of choices which are custom developed specifically for your needs. We will also undertake small, yearly updates to the system as part of the package we offer you so that you can be assured there will be no big bills further down the line.


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