Schudio Launch Blackpool Primary Partnership web site at Annual Conference

We've been working closely with Blackpool Primary Partnership for the last couple of months to create a web site that provides members of the Partnership with a central resource for headteachers and teachers alike to draw on and easily access the most relevant and up to date information in the area.

In conjunction with the key members of the Partnership, Schudio was asked to build a site that offered a central point for teachers and headteachers to access resources on all curriculum subjects, training events, meetings and Partnership specific information such as minutes and other related documents.

Dave Brennand, Professional Development Advisor at Blackpool CLC, explains; "The Blackpool Primary Partnership were passionate to develop a web site to help them communicate better across schools, showcase best practice, have a single link to each schools web site, identify, evaluate and promote training needs, signpost events and provide links to collective teaching resources. The partnership wanted the web site to be inviting, innovative, easy to navigate and use."

Schudio was the perfect choice because, not only is all the required functionality already in our system, but because all our sites are responsive the information is available to users wherever they may be and on whatever device they happen to be using at the time.

The site is a work in progress, like all good web sites, and is very much content driven, aiming to fully engage the teaching fraternity in the Blackpool area with the exceptional array of resources that are being added to the site.

We also spent the day meeting with staff from schools in the Blackpool area, discussing how we can move their web sites forward and again chatting about the huge benefits of responsive design to make sure that all content that users add to a Schudio web site automatically works on all devices.

Lesley Bennett, Associate Headteacher at Revoe Primary and Children's Centre in Blackpool spoke to us after the conference; "Blackpool Primary Partnership is a group of schools that work collaboratively and needed a platform on which to communicate effectively and share good practice. Schudio came up with the perfect solution by building a bespoke website which is easy to use as well as being innovative and flexible. Staff have already commented on how good the product looks and its ease in navigation (after just 2 days from launching it). Schudio understands people's different needs and puts the customer first  as well as being a first class company to work with. I would recommend anyone to Schudio and their service without hesitation."

The site can be seen at www.blackpoolprimarypartnership.co.uk.

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