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Email Newsletters are an enormous leap forward in a schools efforts to demonstrate how effectively they communicate with the school community.


The Key Benefits of Email Newsletters

Printed Newsletters are being used less and less at a growing number of schools across the UK. At the very least, lots of schools are deciding that printed newsletters should be relied on a little less.

Easy to Read and Fully Accessible

School Email Newsletters from Schudio are fully responsive, which means they look great and are easy to read no matter what device they are being view on. Recent information shows that over 65% of emails are read on a mobile phone.

If you use a service that sends out a PDF in a text link it IS NOT BEING READ by the majority of people. Why? Because it is just to hard to read. Moving over to PROPER school email newsletters resolves this problem.

Drive Traffic to your School Website

Set up your school email newsletter properly and with a small amount of work you will be driving users to your website from the email. It really isn’t hard to achieve; in your newsletter we will create sections for your to very easily drop headlines from news articles that are published on your website. By linking to those articles your readers will be pushed to your website where they can engage with your stunning, regularly updated content. When OFSTED asks you to demonstrate how you communicate with your school community, this is one of the very best ways and is easy to demonstrate.

HUGE Cost & Time Saver

Not kidding at all about this! If you are keeping your website up to date with news and events, which most schools are doing at least once a week, then by using school email newsletter you simply need to add some content to a pre-designed template (which we will do) and hit the send button.

Think about all the time you or a member of staff spend on creating lovely, pretty newsletters, printing them and getting them out to all the children. All that time, ink and paper is dramatically reduced by using Email Newsletters.

Detailed Reporting and Instant Feedback

Would it be helpful to know how many people open the school email newsletters you send out? Would it be helpful to know if they clicked on a link in the email and visited your site? Would it be helpful if you could see who’s email address was no longer in use and out of date?

All of these nuggets of information and a whole lot more are easily accessible in the reporting that comes with having school email newsletters set up.

Over 80% of our parents open the email newsletter we send out. We can’t get that information about printed newsletters and I very much doubt that many people read them!

If you would like to know more about School Email Newsletters and how you can start using this fantastic service for your school community then please get in touch using the form below.

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