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Schudio CMS - extra-curriculalr Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities

Your website is the first place that any parents, students and prospective students will come to find out information on your site. You'll most likely have all your necessary information on there already. Extra-curricular activities and clubs can often entice a prospective student to your school, so adding information on all the activities you have on offer is crucial.

We developed the activities module within the Schudio CMS to add things like after school clubs or extra-curricular activities to your website without having to do mountains of work, the CMS will cleverly do all of that for you!

The activities module works by creating categories and then activities within each category. The Schudio CMS will then automatically create your activities page for you with a separate page for each activity.

You'll first need to decide on how best this could work for your school, so wether you'd like to group your activities into

  • Days of the Week (Monday - Friday)
  • Type (Sports, Languages, Arts, etc.)
  • Time of Day (Lunchtime/After School)
  • A mix of the above, or something else entirely.

Once you've decided how you'd like to organise your activities you can create the categories in Information > Activities.


Once you've got your categories set up you can begin adding your activities. You'll see that you can add an image for each category which is great for adding photos of any teams or clubs. You can also add in as much information about each activity so be sure to add things like the time, location and any past achievements of that activity.

Whilst in the process of setting up your extra-curricular activities, you'll be able to view your activities at yourwebsiteurl.com/activities.

Once you're happy with how everything looks you can then add it to a menu so that it's visible on your site for everyone to see! We'd suggest having this in the learning/curriculum area of your School Website. For more information on adding menus, we've written a tutorial that you can read here.

Schudio CMS - extra-curriculalr Activities

You've now added your extra curricular activities to your site. You'll see your different categories have been automatically added, alongside a link to each particular activity.

extra-curricular activities football

You've now got a great looking menu and pages for all the exciting things going on in school! If you ever need to change any details of the activities you can easily do so with just a few clicks.


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