Crucial Calendars – Engaging Your Parents through your school website calendar

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Your school website calendar allows the display of upcoming and past events in the life of your school in a familiar easy to understand format. A list of events displayed within a calendar can be useful. But there's so much potential for your school website calendar. It's a fantastic tool promote event engagement and increase visibility with parents.

Your School Website Calendar

The first thing to check is that your website has a calendar, and that the calendar can be easily kept up to date. The easier and quicker your calendar is to update, the more likely it is to be updated by your website team/admin.

Here's a quick checklist to make sure your school website calendar covers the basic requirements:

  • A calendar view for your events
  • Automatically loads to current month, option to browse to future and past months
  • Works on every device (responsively designed)
  • Displays your event data as you have saved it

Your School Website Calendar Content

The other big basic requirement of your calendar relates to the content displayed within it. What content is currently in your school calendar? Some schools will display lots of lots of event details in their calendar, others display just the most important. Some examples of calendar events are:

  • Term Dates (Including Inset Days)
  • Main School events (E.g. Sports Days, Open Evenings, Christmas Performances)
  • Charity/Fundraising Days (E.g. Non-uniform, Cake Sales, etc.)
  • Clubs and Groups (E.g. After school clubs and groups, or lunchtime activities)
  • School Trips (E.g Year/Subject specific trips)

Are these events displayed and grouped on your website? What information do you display in the calendar?

Advanced School Website Calendar

Hopefully you were able to check off all of the previous items. Your website has a functional website calendar and is filled with content. This calendar should help engage with your community, but there's more that can be done.

The calendar content on it's own does the job of informing visitors the basic details of an event. But is not especially useful for marketing the event and effectively engaging with a visitor. A fully fledged event displayed in the school website calendar and linked with a page of content is much better suited. The obvious answer is of course to link the two together. Events that are marketed and advertised more, are likely to have more people engage with them.

A calendar entry can display a little bit of text, start/end date and time information. But the linked page of content can display photographs from past events, video content, and a more detailed text description for the event. Read more about creating fabulous website content here.

What's Next for the Calendar?

We don't want to rest on our laurels. We've got some exciting developments planned for the calendar within the Schudio CMS to offer even more! We keep the Schudio CMS software continually up to date with regular new feature updates. And all our clients get access to start making use of this functionality right away. We want to make it as easy as possible to update your website and effectively engage with your community. With our continued feature and functionality updates your website software will never get out of date.

Keep checking back on our blog for future updates, and if you're a client already we'll update you via email too. If your current calendar isn't doing the job, and you want to learn more about the benefits of a Schudio website get in touch.

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