It's a snow day! How do I tell parents?

FREE Webinar – How to report school closures on your website

When a snow day comes around schools can sometimes struggle to get the word out. Often, parents look on your school website to check if school is going to be closed.

So many schools called us last year wanting to know the best way to report school closure on their website once the snow arrived.Those of you who got caught out last year will know that the day your school is shut is too late to start thinking about how to add a message to your site.

Come along to for some practical advice on how you can prepare for potential school closure over to coming winter months!

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  • Duration: 20 minutes, 3.30pm
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • What to Bring: Laptop, Schudio website checker log in details
  • Language: English

NOTE: Please check your school network will allow you to view YouTube live streams.

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Cancellation Policy

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19/12/2018 - 3.35pm

(Sorry if this time doesn't work for you! Sign up anyway and we will send the video link after the session)

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