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The list below shows you the list of changes that have been implemented to the Schudio School Website CMS and what features were added, updated or fixed month to month.


New Features, New Minor Features, Updates, Bug Fixes, Other Notes









DEC 2016

New Feature: App Setup Wizard
A new app setup wizard is available for any new app users (who use the same software as website users). The wizard guides app users through the process of setting up their app and adding their first News article.
Add Notification Emails
Notifications will now also send an email to the user advising them they have a notification waiting.
Add validation for URL field
The URL field for pages now requires a proper URL, this is limited to letters, numbers and the – character.
Add Instagram to Social Links
The social links section now includes an option for Instagram.
Update Notifications
Improvements to a few notification types viewable within CMS admin.
Update Google Analytics Admin Page
Improvements to tidy the google analytics tracking page in CMS admin.
Update to Video embed codes
Improvements to YouTube video embeds accept the shortened Youtu.be URLs.
Update Absence Notification Settings
Improvements to bring all absence notification options to a central page.
Fix blog comment button
Resolved an issue on some designs preventing the blog comment button from being clicked.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

NOV 2016

New Feature: Notifications
Notifications are now available within the system and can be used to alert a user to changes relevant to them. Notifications are sent when different content expires or requires action. Documents saved within document groups can set expiry dates and notifications can be turned on for these documents to alert a user when the document is going to expire and will remind a user at 3 key points.
Improved Tags
Adding and saving tags has been updated to a new more efficient method.
Improved Google Analytics
Google analytics tracking code has been refined and updated to the latest version for more accurate tracking.
Responsive Elements Update
Improvements to a few responsive elements within CMS admin.
Appearance Option Update
Improvements on some designs to the controls used to specify appearance options.
Updated validation
Improvements to validation method used on some form entries to improve accuracy.
Fix notifications
Resolved an issue preventing notifications being available to all users.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

OCT 2016

New google analytics tracking code
Updating the google analytics tracking code method to the latest version
Document Groups Display
Improvements to the display of embedded document groups.
Fix validation on course booking form
Resolved course booking form validation issue to ensure form is filled correctly.
Fix course booking email template
Resolved an issue causing the email confirmation for some bookings not to be sent correctly.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

SEP 2016

New expiry date in document groups
An optional date field for when a document expires
Add close time to application form options
A set time as well as date for when applications are closed.
Document Groups Display
Improvements to the display of embedded document groups.
Fix Announcements pagination
Resolved an issue affecting the pagination of announcements on some designs.
Fix Vacancies display
Resolved an issue affecting the displaying of current job vacancies on some designs.
Fix splash images in some browsers
Resolved an issue with splash pop-ups from the system in some browsers.
Fix saving news with tags
Resolved an issue preventing some users from saving news articles with tags.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

AUG 2016

Course Booking Validation
Improvements to the course booking form validation.
Fix document display
Resolved an issue affecting some sites displaying document groups.
Fix splash on mobile devices
Resolved an issue with splash pop-ups from the system on mobile devices.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

JUL 2016

New gallery slideshow
An updated gallery slideshow in some themes.
New content editor in admin
The new version of the content box editor has been deployed to all content boxes in the admin area.
Add additional fields in course bookings
New fields added to the course bookings form, enabled through the admin for each course.
Add option to Publish/Un-Publish courses
Courses can now be published or unpublished.
Improved audio upload
Improvements to the audio file upload module.
Updated validation for form submissions
Improvements to make the validations clearer.
Update Quick Inset Embed Codes Copy
Improvements to make it easier and faster to use quick insert embed codes.
Fix blog admin
Resolved an issue affecting some users on their blog in the admin.
Fix typo in courses
Resolved a spelling mistake in the admin for courses.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

JUN 2016

Update Job Vacancies display
An updated view for job vacancies across all designs.
Add improved related News/Events/Blogs widget
The new version of the News/Events/Blogs related content areas.
Add option for no caption box menus
Added an option to disable to automatic caption on box menus for users who are creating their own graphics for these box menu image links.
Updated calendar event pop-up
Improvements to the modal calendar popup.
Updated Event link in Calendar and Events
Event link set to work from calendar view too.
Update App Controller
Under the hood improvements to connections with the Schudio App.
Fix course booking confirmation email
Resolved an issue with confirmation emails sent out from the booking form.
Fix email notification for newly submitted resources.
Resolved an issue with email notifications for resources.
Fix document preview
Resolved an issue when previewing documents in document groups.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes



MAY 2016

Update Cookie Policy and Script
An updated cookie policy and notification has been applied to all sites.
Add multiple vacancy categories
Multiple categories can now be selected for a single vacancy.
Add password strength meter
A strength meter is now shown underneath the password box to encourage a secure password.
Updated themes settings
Updated some theme settings to improve reliability and customisation for the future.
Update theme styles
Some minor tweaks to theme styling.
Less CSS update
Improvements to the way CSS is handled using less.
Update to vacancy files display
Re-labelled the vacancy files display to better reflect the admin field title.
Update course booking form
Updated courses booking form.
Improvements to Related/Tagged content
Updates to tagged content and the way it displays.
Fix events embed codes
Resolved an issue with embed codes when used in events module.
Fix date picker element
Resolved an issue on some themes with the date picker field.
Fix external links for non client app users
Resolved an issue with some links in Schudio App for free users.
Fix newsletter form
Resolved an issue won some themes causing newsletter form not to submit.
Fix tags pagination
Resolved an issue with pagination when lots of tags are used within an account.
Fix social share buttons options
Resolved an issue causing social share options not to take effect.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes



APR 2016

New Feature: Course Booking System
The courses module can now be used to take bookings for the courses listed within it. Bookings can be specified on a per course basis with lots of options around the booking including a maximum capacity, data is also available to export from the system to help you manage the bookings.
Add pin option in Vacancies
Job Vacancies can now be pinned to the top of the vacancies list.
Add option to re-order Galleries
Added options to re-order galleries
Updated partners control in some themes
Updated partners areas to be included on more themes.
Update galleries controller
General changes to improve usability and functionality of the galleries module.
Update reCAPTCHA
Improvements to the way the new reCAPTCHA was displayed some forms.
Update to course booking system
Improved the way additional delegates were added to a course booking.
Update to quick embed codes order
Re-ordered quick embed codes so newest is displayed first.
Fix gallery quick embed codes
Resolved an issue with quick embed gallery codes.
Fix vacancies file path link
Resolved an issue on some themes with one of the job vacancy file links.
Fix application close date validation
Resolved an issue with the date validation for application close date.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes



MAR 2016

New Feature: Quick Insert Embed Codes
Embed codes, used throughout the Schudio school website content management system can now be quickly added directly from any of the content creation pages. From within a news article or a blog post embed codes can be viewed and copied into the content box.
Add new behaviour option for Splash
A splash banner can now be set to appear for every browser session for a user, not just once per 30 days as previously.
Add new vacancy fields
Added some new fields for job vacancies to ensure posted vacancies are listed correctly on the new StaffmySchool website.
Add new reCAPTCHA
Added the new modern version of reCAPTCHA for more attractive and effective spam protection.
Update wording on absence notification form
Updated the wording on the absence notification form to better convey what it’s for.
Update course fields
Changes to improve the order and labelling of fields in the Courses module.
Update blog comments
Improvements to the way blog comments are allowed onto blog posts.
Update to events
Events are now referred to as Upcoming Events.
Fix gallery categories pagination
Resolved an issue with page numbers on the gallery categories view.
Fix new app account activation
Resolved an issue where some users were unable to complete the registration process for a new app account.
Fix module page display issue
Resolved an issue on some themes where the sidebar menu would not display on some module pages.
Fix gallery multiple image upload
Resolved an issue preventing some users from uploading multiple images to a photo gallery.
Fix banner image text
Removed some incorrect text previously displayed when creating or editing a banner.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes


FEB 2016

New Feature: Updated Photo Galleries
One of the most used features within the Schudio School Website CMS gets a brand new update. Photo galleries can use images uploaded elsewhere in the system as well as uploading new images from local storage. Images within the photo gallery can use the built in image editor to rotate/crop photos or make any other adjustments. Multiple images can be uploaded and the progress bar will indicate when this is completed.
Add details to individual gallery page
Details have been added to added to the photo gallery page including the gallery embed code.
Add ‘drag and drop’ uploads in Photo Galleries
Added an option to ‘drag and drop’ files into a photo gallery.
Update Job Vacancy start/end date fields
Changed the labels on these fields to better indicate their purpose in controlling the advert.
Update to news revisions
Changes to improve the revisions process for news articles.
Update Facebook share button
Improvements to the share button optionally displayed below content.
Update to page revisions
Changes to improve the revisions process for pages.
Fix document group display
Resolved an issue where documents groups were not displaying correctly on some older designs.
Fix News title in articles for approval notification
Resolved an issue where a news article was not showing the new title in the approval notification.
Fix search pagination elements
Resolved an issue on some themes with pagination in search results.
Fix document group deletion
Resolved an issue preventing some document groups from being deleted.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes


JAN 2016

New Feature: Document Groups
A brand new feature specially designed for uploading multiple documents to be displayed on a page.
The document groups display the date of update, quick options to print and download, and also an option to preview the document in the page.
Add categories into job vacancies
Functionality has been added to add categories into job vacancies.
Add option to show contact email in footer in some themes
Added an option to some themes to enable the email to be displayed in the footer of the website.

Add image to adult course categories
Added an option to include an image for an adult course category.
Add option to include company number in the website footer
Added an option to enter a company number to be displayed in the website footer.
Update CTA button in some themes at mid resolution
Changes to improve responsive display of the apply button on some themes at medium resolution.
Update news article headings in some themes
Changes to improve the design of the news articles headings in some themes.
Update page content updates as editor
Improvements to the edit page process for editors.
Update to vacancies description field
Changes to allow the description field for a job vacancy to a full content editor field.
Fix filetype check in filemanager
Resolved an issue where the filetype checker was not correctly recognising certain files.
Fix dropdown link in some themes
Resolved an issue where dropdowns link colours on some themes were not coloured as intended.
Fix required field on contact form
Resolved an issue on some themes where telephone was not a required field on contact form.
Fix spelling mistake in absence reporting emails
Resolved a typo in the absence reporting automated emails.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes






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