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The list below shows you the list of changes that have been implemented to the Schudio School Website CMS and what features were added, updated or fixed month to month.


New Features, New Minor Features, Updates, Bug Fixes, Other Notes









DEC 2015

New Feature: Quick Upload
A quick upload option is now available through most modules. When adding an image to one of the modules (E.g. a News article). The image file can be uploaded by one click instead of having to go into file manager and then upload the file. (This will upload the file to the default location – to select the specific location please use the file manager option)
Add option to re-order adult courses
Functionality has been added re-order the adult courses in the adult courses module.
Add time field to Open Evening Request export
Functionality has been added to export the open evenings requests submitted and stored in the system.
Update adult courses in some themes
Changes to improve display of adult courses in some themes.
Update top menus in themes
Changes to improve the structure of the top menu element across themes.
Update datepicker
Underlying updates to improve the datepicker form fields.
Hide banner caption for mobile resolutions
Changes to not show the caption on a banner when at mobile resolution or below.
Fix pagination in admin absence notifications
Resolved an issue where pagination was not correctly loading for absence notifications.
Fix disabled items in submenus
Resolved an issue where some themes were not able to disable submenu items.
Fix related news/events/blog elements
Resolved an issue on some themes with the related content elements.
Fix modal window in events
Resolved an issue where the modal window for events was displayed incorrectly on some themes.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

NOV 2015

New Feature: Landing Pages
A type of page is available. The landing page. This page can use a different set of navigation (or no navigation) and no sidebar to better funnel visitors down a set path.
Add live chat
Functionality has been added to allow us to install live chat onto your school website – get in touch for more details.
Update Schudio CMS underlying theme structure
Changes to ensure themes continue to work efficiently while making improvements for future development.
Update blog comments view in admin
Changes to improve the display of blog comments awaiting approval in the admin area.
Update submit button on contact form in some themes
Changes to improve the layout position of the contact form submit button on some themes.
Update to app controller
Underlying updates to maintain stability and performance of content delivery from website to app.
Update to bootstrap 2 & 3 resources
Changes to improve the performance of bootstrap across the system.
Fix email attachments in HR system
Resolved an issue where attachments were not sending correctly in the HR system.
Fix job vacancy application log in
Resolved an issue where some users were unable to login and continue existing applications.
Fix partners menu
Resolved an issue on some themes with the menu identified partners.
Fix announcements sorting
Resolved an issue where announcements appeared out of order on some themes.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

OCT 2015

New Feature: Review Revision
A new review process is available for content created by Editors to be checked by Administrators.
Add blog comments
Functionality to add blog comments has been re-enabled in the system, including a Recaptcha spam check.
Update Schudio blog links
Changes to ensure up to date blog content from Schudio is displayed in the dashboard of the CMS.
Update Module link in menus
Changes to ensure the absence reporting link is available from the list of modules.
Update to drag/drop pages
Changes to improve the responsiveness of dragging and dropping pages in the CMS.
Fix comments on vacancy shortlist
Resolved an issue where comments from different vacancy managers were not correctly displayed.
Fix flip book embed display in blogs on some themes
Resolved an issue where flip books were not correctly embedding within blog posts on some themes.
Fix page permissions
Resolved an issue where page permissions were not being respected by some user accounts.
Fix pagination issue
Resolved an issue where on some themes in some modules the page numbers were not correctly aligned.
Fix copyright year in some themes
Resolved an issue in some themes where the automatic copyright date was incorrect.
Fix announcements not showing with future date
Resolved an issue on some themes where future announcements could be found before they should be.
Fix preview image not showing
Resolved an issue in banners where preview image was not displaying when selected from file manager.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

SEP 2015

New Feature: HR System
A new HR system is available, it manages the shortlisting process for your organisation, from application through to offering interviews to candidates.
Add new Dashboard CMS view
An updated dashboard, the homepage of the CMS. Improved content available and responsivity.
Add closing time to job vacancies
The closing time of a job vacancy is now shown on the advertising job next to the date.
Add option to hide Newsletter Signup on some themes
A number of themes can now turn off the newsletter signup displayed at the bottom of their page.
Add option to disable absence reporting
An option is now available in the system to disable the absence reporting feature.
Add export function to Open Evening Requests
Open Evening Requests can now be exported from the CMS.
Update free App signup
Changes made to improve app signup process for new users.
Update email notifications
Changes to improve the content and layout of email notifications from Schudio CMS.
Update Flip Books view in CMS
Managing Flip Books should now be easier with a more responsive view of all Flip books.
Update Flip Book embed size
Flip Books now appear full width in the page.
Fix absence reporting form
Resolved an issue where the absence reporting form was not displaying correctly on some themes.
Fix people embed display
Resolved an issue where the style of some elements from the People embed code were not consistent.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

AUG 2015

New Feature: Absence Reporting
A brand new absence reporting feature is available via the website and soon app. Submit your absence via the absence notification page.
Add sort options to people module
New options to change the sort order of people and move them around in the list.
Add IE alert on admin dashboard
New alert on CMS dashboard to alert users of Internet Explorer they may experience issues.
Update contact form emails
Changes made to contact form emails improves presentation and updates header info.
Update options and layout in Schudio CMS admin
New options are available to see events and services from Schudio.
Fix theme menu colour
Resolved an issue on some themes where menu was not inheriting properties correctly.
Fix RSS feed
Resolved an issue causing some accounts to not have all elements in their RSS feed.
Fix Recaptcha
Resolved some recaptcha error messages and validation behaviours.
Fix category links in blogs
Resolved an issue where category links weren’t working correctly.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

JUL 2015

Update to contact form sender
Changes to try and address an issue experienced by a client contact form.
Update People module grid display
Made some tweaks to the way People are displayed in grid mode.
Update People module to make Group required field
All people should belong in a group, now they have to.
Update parent theme settings
Improvements to the appearance settings for individual themes.
Update user views in admin
Improvements to the user view in the CMS admin.
Fix adult enrolment form
Resolved an issue preventing the adult enrolment form from submitting correctly.
Fix calendar in admin
Resolved an issue in the admin where the calendar was not matching the front end calendar.
Fix resources in admin
Resolved an issue causing resources to return an error message.
Fix delete people group
Resolved an issue where a group of people could not be deleted.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

JUN 2015

New Feature: People
People groups and people can now easily be added and managed via the Schudio CMS. Use it to add your staff, governors, SLT, Student leaders, or anyone else.
Add re-order options to People Groups
Allow users to re-order the people added to groups.
Add group-table shortcode to People
A different display option for the People module.
Add Google+ to social links
Add a new social link option in the CMS for a Google+ page.
Add font option in appearance settings
Allow some themes to customise the banner font.
Update Translation settings [Change from Google] Translation settings page update after a change from Google to how it’s implemented.
Update Youtube embed code generator [Change from YouTube] Changes to the Youtube embed code that’s automatically generated by the system.
Update ShadowNMS Implementation Tweak
Improved the way ShadowNMS is called into the admin area.
Fix image editor for https
Fix to the image editor so it displays whether the website uses https or http.
Fix CMS display issue on smaller mobile devices
Fix to the CMS admin view to improve visibility and use on smaller mobile devices.
Fix galleries upload
Galleries now reflect changes without manual refresh.
Fix delete people group
People groups can now be deleted.
Fix gallery filter in admin
Allow galleries to be filtered just by category.
Fix pagination element
Fix to a number of themes where pagination element was misaligned.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

MAY 2015

New Feature: Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor
An image editor has been added into the Schudio CMS, images can easily be uploaded, edited and then used across the website.

New Feature: ShadowNMS widget
This widget monitors your website and it’s ‘heartbeat’. There are 3 different grades of performance that can be achieved by your website G (Green), A (Amber), and R (Red).

Update colour capture fields
These fields have been returned to RGB/HEX for system colour picker
Update Recaptcha
Updates to the Recaptcha anti-spam system
Fix Add gallery form
Fixes to improve the process when creating a new gallery
Fix to Newsletter subscription form
Fixes when submitting a request to join the newsletter mailing list.
Fix calendar in App
In-App calendar now shows Events and Calendar Events.
Fix Vacancy Application view/print buttons
Fixes to the display of the view/print buttons
Fix Audios
Fixes affecting some users when audio files were uploaded.
Fix announcements app notifications
Announcements are again sent as push notifications
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

APR 2015

New Feature: Schudio CMS Upgrade
A big change to the Schudio CMS including a complete visual overhaul and some under the hood tweaks, including:

– New Schudio Logo and other visual updates
– Upgrade admin to BS3 and other bootstrap updates
– Update buttons and forms in admin
– Update photo galleries module
– Update themes to ensure compatibility
– Remove old settings views
– Fix admin breadcrumbs
– Various bugs fixes in admin area

New Feature: File Manager
A new feature allowing users to easily manage the files on your website.

Update videos sort order
Videos are now sorted by date descending.
Fix Equal Opportunities file link in vacancies
Link was not resolving correctly, old directory being referenced.
Fix Calendar view in admin area
Calendar displayed with all existing events in admin area.
Fix University courses download link
Download links are now resolving correctly.
Fix user permissions form and layout
User permissions tweak to make them easier to manage and update.
Fix app redirect
For non Schudio website clients the free app will again redirect to their own website.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

MAR 2015 

New Feature: App Update
An update to the Schudio mobile app has been released to make it better to use, including:
– Remove login from App
– Straight into choosing your school and viewing the school’s content.
– App Calendar fixes.
– Improvements to app calendar, ensure Events and Calendar Events are displayed.
Add Theme parent options
Internal updates to improve management of sites.
Add redirect to own website for free app users
For non Schudio website clients the free app will now redirect to their own website.
Add Box menu multiple page implementation on compatible themes
Ability to add box menus to pages implemented on some themes.
Add confidential disclosure form – vacancies
A new field in vacancies used for confidential disclosure.
Update application close dates settings
Update to the settings page for when student applications are accepted via the Schudio online application form.
Fix blog in app
Blog now links correctly in app
Fix settings in admin
Settings pages adjustments in CMS admin.
Fix reorder options on contacts
Contacts can be re-ordered in the list, this reflects order they display on the contact form.
Fix course booking form
Course booking form fixes when submitting.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

FEB 2015

Add LinkedIn social link
Add a new social link option in the CMS for a LinkedIn page.
Add gallery-slideshow height options Ex: {gallery-slideshow:Gallery Name|height:400}
Height can be specified to change the size for a photo gallery slideshow.
Add ‘Home menu’ text overlay option to box menus
Text can be automatically overlaid on the image used in the box menu included on some themes. Some themes need to enable the overlay option in Appearance>Options.
Add character counter for application forms
Character counter added to the system that can be displayed in application forms when required.
Add background resize for IE
Background behaviour added specifically for Internet Explorer.
Update Tel abbreviation in footer for all themes
P: has been changed to T: in footers.
Update edit page module in CMS
Updates to improve the usability when creating or editing existing pages.
Update theme footers with new Schudio logo
New Schudio logo updated on all themes.
Fix Account sign up email for applications
Users submitting a student application correctly receive email.
Fix header titles in themes
Headers now display correctly.
Fix favicon
Favicon field will display custom favicon on site.
Fix page published status
Pages marked as unpublished remain unpublished.
Fix spelling error in Calendar Event
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

JAN 2015

New Feature: Google Translate
Google translate easily implemented to your site, can be setup with custom languages tailored to your school.

New Feature: Quick Links for Contacts Enquires Form
Dropdown options on the contact form can be pre-filled using a ‘quick-link’ URL.

Add status filter for job applications
Job applications viewed in the admin area can be filtered by job status.
Add login for vacancy applications
Vacancy applications now have a login so can return to continue their progress.
Update product sign-up process
App and Learning Wall signup process updated, including new fields.
Updates to core Schudio CMS
These updates prepare the CMS for a bigger update.
Fix news pagination
Pagination when viewing the latest news is fixed.
Fix page revisions
Basic page revision functionality has been restored to pages
Fix vacancy application form
Vacancy application form fixed.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes







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