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Quite a few years ago we were approached by a school who had 2 big problems with their website.

1/ The Content Management System they were using was clunky and really difficult to get other members of staff involved with.
2/ Their server kept getting hacked.

So we built a completely bespoke CMS to meet their needs. Very quickly another school, with exactly the same issue came to us and asked us help them out. Since then we’ve built over 200 school websites with our completely unique, education specific CMS and we continue to grow as more and more schools hear about us.

Our company is based on honesty, dedication to what we do and offering a highly-approachable team of dedicated staff who understand exactly what schools and colleges need from their websites. We only take on a finite number of clients each month to ensure the highest possible quality of delivery to each and every client we serve.

We’re committed to building the best possible products and delivery outstanding service because we want to make a difference. Not only to the schools and colleges we serve, but also to the charities that we passionate about supporting, something we hope your school will get involved with too.

Here’s our brilliant team …



Websites, Training & Support Manager

Emma Bateson





Lead Developer


General Manager


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Content Delivery


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